Monday, September 29, 2014

Gejje Vastra Tutorial

Hello peeps!!!
After receiving so many queries and requests for a video tutorial for making Gejje Vastra here I am posting a video tutorial for the same. On my last visit to my Mom's place I requested her to help me with this tutorial and she happily obliged. Thank you Mom!!

So the materials needed are cotton, a white towel , a cardboard for support , thread and needle, fevicol and colorful aluminium foil for decorating the Gejje Vastra.

Place the towel on your exam pad, and make rolls or thread of cotton as shown in the video. And when you have the desired length of cotton thread, wind it around a small cardboard piece or any thick card stock. Decide upon the number of petals and wind the cotton for the same number of times around the card stock. Make a knot at the center using a needle and a thread. Spread the flower petals and using colorful aluminium foils, decorate and make designs. It is upon you to experiment and create different designs using the above technique.

Happy experimenting and creating people. This is my first video and was recorded on my mobile. So the quality of the video is not very clear. Pleas bear with me. For further queries do leave a comment or mail me. Will try and reply to your queries.
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Cat Family

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